About Community Heroes

What is Community Heroes?

We are creating an environment of community and purpose.

Community Heroes connects people to share skills, advice, and experiences. It is easy to use and in few seconds, you can share your requests or browse other people’s requests and become their hero.

At Community Heroes, we strongly believe that open and inclusive communities can engage people, and organizations in meaningful, diverse and fun connections to help them become better versions of themselves

Our Values


Respecting others means to listen to their opinions and to value their actions, even if we don’t agree with them. It also means that we respect each other’s time and feelings when working together.
Respecting the environment means to think about the impact our actions have on the environment as a whole including on animals and plants.


Openness means taking down the barriers that constrain communication, decision making, collaboration, and ideas sharing. By being more open, we can strengthen the relationships within communities and build bridges to facilitate the exchange between cultures.


It is important to us that our application is fun and engaging for users. Having fun means to not take things too seriously, to be able to laugh, share jokes, and build positive relationships with others. As a team, having fun reminds us that it is just as important to celebrate our successes as it is to learn from our failures.


As a company and as individuals, we are responsible for our actions. Being responsible means that we ensure that our actions do not harm, or in any other way negatively impact, our teammates, our communities, our partners, and our planet.

The team

Behind Community Heroes, a group of diverse,  fun and professional technology and social impact aficionados!

Maike Gericke


Khalid Belghiti

Product & Operations

Diana Huchon Colunga


Nethal Hashim

Marketing & Gamification

Laura Marchini


Muhammet Enes Ilhan

Mobile App development

Georgia Sarika

Marketing and Social Media

Hiba El Mannani

Mobile development

Do you want to be part of the team?

If you share the same values and like the idea of building meaningful connections within communities, send us a message 🙂 

Our supporters