Community Heroes

We connect people to share skills, advice, and experiences. It is easy to use and in few seconds, you can post your request or browse other people’s requests and help them out.

What is Community Heroes?

Through Community Heroes we want to create an environment of community and purpose. We strongly believe that open and inclusive communities can engage people and organizations in meaningful, diverse, and fun connections that help them become better versions of themselves.  

How does it work?

Create a Request

After the onboarding, you can easily create your first request

Accept proposals

Discuss with and accept proposals from others in your community

Help your community

In the meantime you can also browse other requests and propose your help! 

Our Mobile apps will be available on Android and iOS

Ready to help your community?


Is it free?

Yes, the app is COMPLETELY free for the users! All you need to do is register, help others, earn Hero hours and get help from your community.

What are "Hero hours"?

Hero hours are simply “hours” you collect when you help someone. For example, you spend 4 hours helping a student with his math classes, you earn 4 Hero Hours.

Then if someone helps you learn, let’s say, German during 2 hours, you will transfer him 2 Hero Hours.

It’s that simple!

What do you do with my data?

Good question! 🙂

Our privacy policy can be found HERE.
But in short, we collect only data needed for our platform to function correctly and to provide the best user experience possible. For example, we won’t track your location, but we’ll ask you only for your Postal Code (ZIP code) to match you with your community.

We use anonymized data for analytics, and we will NEVER sell your data to any brand!

How are you making money then?

Well, our primary customers will be municipalities, cities, international organizations, NPOs and corporate CSR initiatives that have an interest in sponsoring (possibly branded) local implementations for communities or events, want to reward citizens for impact-related activities, and have an interest in data-driven reports and campaigns (anonymized data collection).

How can I start using the platform?

As soon as it’s ready! 

Our team is working very hard to develop and test our first prototypes and alpha version! If you’re interested in being one of our early users, please drop your email in the form above! We will get back to you as soon as possible!